Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Broken leg/ligament damage?

Hey, wishing all of you a wonderful Holy-day season! Anyhow, during chore time a couple days ago, we found one of our sweetest personality does lying down unable to get up. By the looks of the goat berry pile behind her, she'd been there awhile. Once I leaned next to her she put her neck against me and used me to get herself up. That's when we saw her left knee swinging- no integrity to it... but thankfully not compound (no damage visible in the skin) Ick.

My husband and I lifted her front end and she walked with her rear legs to the stall we had prepared for her, so no one could pester her. Then we made splints (two paint sticks cut to approprate length) work good here. So first I gave her about 50 cc's of HerBamine tincture for traditional pain and inflammation support, then we put large amounts of Wounderful! and ReBuilld Salves on her. then wrap- at first used a paper towel, then the splints, then vetwrap. Now I have guazing rolls- about 6 inches wide, the paint sticks splinting, with electrical tape to keep approprate spacing and to help me get the splint on quicker, then vetwrap... She gets God's Greens in her whole oats, and has very nice alfalfa hay. She is eating well, and each day already we are seeing her and it more stable. If experience serves me on this one, she should be very stable on the leg in just 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, and we'll continue salving til the injury is about 40 to 45 days old and we ought to be done... Note that we never put vetwrapping directly over the salves- the salves will pull dye into the leg- NOT a good thing. so the guazing is important- it also cushions the splint so it's not hard on the leg. Splint goes from a few inches above the knee, to about 1 inch below the coronet band covering about 1/2 of the hooves...

Have been having 'fun' with the reflexology labs. Saw these tools relieve a ladies 3 to 4 day long stiff/sore neck problem- in about 5 minutes. Helped a neighbor relieve a migraine in a 30 minute session a couple days ago.... What a blessing this tool is...

Many many blessings!