Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug misc herb/goat updates


People have been asking us if we have an herbal product for heartworm support- yes we do, it's called DWorm H and is a tincture. It can be placed in their food, their water if they will drink it, or given orally. It is meant to give traditional heart support along with chasing the problems responsible for any damage. This could also be used in larger dosages along with high dosages of PreVent for traditonal support in parvo.

Our milker, Rosine, has made it onto the ADGA breedleader list for her last year's milk record. This is her year! LA 92, breedleader, milk awards at the national show, and 3 finished LA 91 adult kids :). God has blessed.

I will be in and out for September, but my husband is able to reach me when I am in cell range. We are planning on showing at state fair (Oregon), and then I was given a spot by my husband to go to a ladie's retreat out of state with some gals at our church for a graduation present. Even at this late date God allowed us to be able to use frequent flier miles for the airfare!

Blessings, Kat

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